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Automated server side signing solution


DSC Auto File Processor (AFP) is a flexible front-end application for the Dsc Signer. It provides intelligent watched folder an automatic monitoring or automated server side signing solution of one or more Windows folders or Unix directories to process batches of document in an unattended environment.

Any documents (PDF, XML and CMS) found in a configured location are then automated signed or verified as specified by operator defined policies. The digital signature creation or verification requests are processed by the Auto File Processor application making calls to the DSC Signer. The resultant documents are then delivered to the configured output folder, or if a problem is detected, an issues folder. Its helpful for Auto Invoice Signer, Auto PDF Signer, Auto Document Signer.


Features of Our Softwares

arrow Automatic Bulk Signing, no manual intervention needed once configured.

arrow Placement of the signature can be customized and stored for future use.

arrow PDF documents are digitally signed by using X.509 digital certificates.

arrow User can sign digitally on any page of PDF document.

arrow User defined password can be applied to digitally sign document.

arrow Option to sign digitally single/ bulk files from selected folder.

arrow User can digitally sign on unlimited documents.

arrow Option to Preview signed PDF files.

arrow Multiple PDF files can be merged and digitally signed.

arrow Option to select Signing location, input City Location & Reason of Signing by the user

arrow Bulk Signing of multiple PDF Documents at one go.

arrow Position the signature at any location of your choice on the configured page.

arrow Support for multiple signatures and profiles.

arrow Creates a separate folder with signed documents ready to email.

arrow Option to send digitally signed file thru email.

arrow Original PDF file will not be modified.

arrow User will get the facility to change the login password.

arrow After uploading digitally singed Invoices, Invoices will be processed early for payment.

arrow Maintain logbook of Digital Signed documents and failure on date basis.

arrow Friendly Graphical User Interface

arrow System will show DSC expiry date to user

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